Ennead Games Mega Bundle 2022

Summary – $39.99 for 430+ PDFs for one month (ends 9:00 am GMT Feb 15th)

A few years ago my HD on my work machine had a MAJOR failure, I lost a ton of files, programs, settings and more. To raise funds for a replacement, I made a mega bundle of almost all the PDF I had on sale at the time for, if I remember correctly, $34.99 for almost 400 PDFs. I can remember saying something along the lines of “I won’t be doing this again for a while, not for a couple of years at least”. Well, that time has passed and considering the last few years have been tough for everyone, I felt the time was right to do so again, this time for more positive reasons!

So, I present to you the Ennead Games Mega Bundle 2022!

First, I need to cover what’s NOT in the bundle…


What’s NOT included?

Over the years, some titles have been removed from sale for multiple reasons. As such they are not included in this bundle.

  • Free/PWYW: They are free, no point adding them to the bundle.
  • Some of the Helpful List Names titles: I am working on updating them and a couple had some really bad errors in them.
  • The Dungeon Tiles: I didn’t like how they turned out in retrospect and was not happy with them. They are still available separately, just not for this bundle.
  • A few titles that I removed because of major errors/mistakes etc.
  • Some that were compiled into a revised version, such as the Tavern Kit, Starship Kit etc. Not much point in including what is essentially the same content twice.

Now that’s out the way, onto the fun part..


What IS in the bundle…

Well…it’s a LOT!

Rather than list each title individually, as it is over 400 by my reckoning (I legit kept losing count but think it’s 430), I’ll just cover the major groups.

  • Assorted Slang & Terminology
  • Babble generator
  • Campaign Chunks
  • Campaign Related PDFs
  • Corporate Collection
  • Creature Description Generators
  • Dungeon Features
  • Empire Builder
  • Encounters & Events
  • Equipment Maker
  • Generators (catch-all group for PDFs that don’t fit into other categories but are still classed in some form as a generator or maker)
  • Helpful Lists
  • Helpful Lists Arbitary Collection
  • Insult Generators
  • Name Lists
  • Name Makers
  • Name Makers Real World
  • Options & Rules
  • Pathfinder® Roleplaying Game related (Fantastic Feats, World Wonders, Novus Draco, Spell Options and a few more)
  • Quick Generators
  • R.I.G.S. Results – Random Item Generation System
  • Spell Related Stuff

plus a few misc non-generator items that don’t come under any of the above groups.

But, for one month, starting January 15th at 9:00 am GMT/London time, this bundle will be on sale for….*drum roll*

$39.99 for 430+ PDFs

Altogether, if you purchased these individually it would cost approximately $610…

Indvidual Total Selling Price: $612.91
Bundle Price: $39.99
Savings off Total Selling Price: $572.92

But here’s the best bit!

If you have some of the titles already, that price gets reduced even further by a small amount.

This bundle will ONLY be available till 9 am, GMT/London Time February 15th 2022.


After that, I will remove it from sale. Then it will be a few years before I do this again.


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