Demonic True Names, Use Names & Titles

Normally, I’d be telling you about a new PDF that I have made, but with the mega bundle on sale (see link below) it seems more apropriate to cover a title that is in the aforementioned bundle

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Orginally released on December 19th 2016, “Demonic True Names, Use Names & Titles” is currently on a Silver rating for DTRPG, putting it in the 16882 products (15.05%) of products on there. This came out around the time I was trying out new formats for the PDFs, including the title font/typeface, page layout and so on. This went on to inspire the creation of another title later, namely “Creature Description Generator Volume 9 – Demonic Beings” .


Demonic True Names, Use Names & Titles

Demons come in many shapes and forms. One particular aspect mortals have trouble with is their names. Combined with the fact that knowing their true name can often give you power over them, most demons have a second name, commonly called their use name.

Sometimes mortals or other beings also give these demonic beings a title to go along with their name, which can help spread fear or tell you more about who you are dealing with.

This publication features…

  • A system for creating a demonic sounding true name
  • 2 d100 tables for the name that mortals give it
  • d100 table for deciding what title a demon may have
  • A walkthrough for an example demonic name creation
  • 2 pre-done d100 tables to help you save time, one for true name, the other for use names


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