Empire Buider - Country Names & Titles

As the Mega Bundle, which you can get HERE and gives you 400+ PDFs for $39.99 and is available until 9am GMT/London Time Febuary 15th 2022, is ongoing I’ll be hilighting some of the contents you can find in it. This week’s theme is “Country Names/Titles”

Orignally published on the 11th of August 2014, “Empire Builder – Country Names & Titles” as gone to get an electrum rating on DTRPG, putting it in the top 8245 products (7.33%) at the time of posting. Part of the Empire Builder range, this was made to help you come up with a country name, along with maybe a title like the “League of (x)” or “Peoples Empire of (y)” and so on. This is one of those titles that could definaly do with a Version two, with more options and so on, but as an earlier title i was very happy with how this turned out.


Empire Buider – Country Names & Titles

The mightiest empire, country or kingdoms all have one thing in common – A name. This name may be simple, or be a grandiose title that suggests the ruler is compensating for something.

This is the first part of the Empire Builder Kit and future parts will cover other details, such as population and settlements.

A small disclaimer – A random generator will never be as good as your imagination. Use this to jump start your own ideas or when you need to fill in the blank.

Some example names with titles you can create:

  • League of Yykeoum
  • Compact of Faomuw
  • Rivieihpan Pact
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