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This weekd PDF hilight is one of my older ones – Book Generator. I picked this one to hilight as I am starting work this week on a new project to take the contents of this and expand and remake. The plan will be to have several PDFs that are stand alone, but the format and content can be used together to expand on each other. E.g. Various genres and settings for non-fiction, topics for non-fiction and so on. Also, these will be focused on the title and not the physical nature of the book themelves, although the thought now occurs that this as well could be a good companion PDF to go along with them. This was also partialy inspired by the “Holy Book” Namer I made a while ago.

Orginally published on September 16, 2013, Book Generator has gone on to acheive an “Electrum” rating on DTRPG, making it one of the top 8254 products (7.32%) sold (at the time of posting this). “Book Generator” was tied into/designed to work for a specific game system, even though a large portion of the content was able to be used in other games. Whilst there were plans to make a system agnostic version, these plans well put on the ever increasing “to-do” list and fell by the wayside.

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Book Generator

“Knowledge is power”

Sir Francis Bacon

Religious Meditations, Of Heresies, 1597


A book is a useful tool for certain spell casters. It is essential for scholars and sages. Plus, for those who can read, a source of entertainment and pleasure.

This book generator is for those times your character finds a tome that interests them, or your players want to know what books are contained in the library they are raiding are actually worth anything.

Please note that the term book is used in place of tome, treatise, pamphlet etc. to save on space and provide consistency.

Contents include:

  • Styles of paper
  • Suggested titles for fiction and no-fiction
  • Suggested costs
  • Quality of writing and illustrations
  • and more
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