TodayI want to give a quick bit of information about something that one of the players in my STA game has been working on that I quite enjoy – A homebrew of sorts for Fallout and Fifth edition D&D.

Originally published on the Spilled Ale Blog, FO5 is an add-on that requires Fifth edition Players handbook or Basic Rules.

I had seen a few posts about it before, but now the pdf is practically completed I thought I’d shine a spotlight on things. In the Fallout universe, the setting is a what I dub, retro-futuristic, with a 1950’s vibe to things. A nuclear attack sent thousands of people into what is dubbed Vaults for protection. A few of the vaults were quite safe, but many of them were used for testing, experiments, and sometimes what can best be described as a “This will be a laugh…”. The ones who didn’t get the chance to go into a vault and survived were subjected to ghouls, super mutants, radiation and more.

In my, admittedly slightly biased opinion, this has all the hallmarks of a fan who knows the systems and the world it was based on quite well.  If I wasn’t playing STA, this would be one of the settings I would certainly be interested in trying out, even for just a one-shot or mini-campaign.

There is a work-in-progress wiki which can be found HERE along with the setting sourcebook and an adventure and other handy resources HERE– so why not give it a look!

Fallout is the sole intellectual property of Bethesda Softworks. 

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