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With this week’s theme being “Doors” I have updated the online, free to use generator.  On the surface, it seems more of a cosmetic change, but there was some tweaking in the code/format to put it more in line with the PDF.

Before, everything had the same chance of occurring, so if there were 10 entries for one aspect, each had an equal 1 in 10 chance of happening. Now, things are more weighted as to how they are in the PDF.  Something that in the PDFs have a 5% chance now has that in the companion generators.

This was one of those “Eureka” moments that I am slightly ashamed to say never clicked with me before now – Not a fault with the system, just the knowledge never stuck until yesterday.


One thing to be aware of is that these and every other generator I put on the site or update is that whilst they can be used as-is, no explanation or instructions will be provided as to what certain entries or results mean. This is deliberate, as I want people to purchase my stuff after all, but you should get at least something from them. The quick gens or name makers of course don’t need an explanation of the results.


Sample Output

Condition: Pristine (+3)
Frame: Other/Unkown
Frame Style: Blended
Handle: Knob
Handle Location: Right
Hinge: Two-way
Hinge Location: Opposite side
Lock Status: Unlocked
Lock Location: Top-right
Lock Complexity: Standard (0)
Door Location: Wall
Door Facing: North
Material: Other
Shape: Rectangle – Wide
Style : Half-Door
Feature : None

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