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Ok, strap yourself in folks…there is a lot going on here!


Printed Book

Yes, you read that right. I have just had the files checked and soon (ish) I will be having a book in print/print on demand on DTRPG. The PDF comes out next week, May the 2nd, with the POD version ASAP afterwards. It’s a book of 100 d100 tables of content, ideas, concepts etc. More on this when I bring out the PDF.


Online Generators

One page with two generators has been updated to the current format I am using. Some minor tweaks have been made to it. mostly in the format/layout and some behind the scenes stuff -In all other regards its the same as before.

Click on the link below to be taken directly to the generator page!


In other, related news, the above content, both the dwarf and Shakespeare insults have been added into the rotation of my Content Bot, which can be found on twitter. The link below provides some example content and the page for it. I’ll be seeing if i can link to this bot on the main blog page or similiar. I’ll be adding to this as and when I can.  For now, twice a day, it outputs some example content from my PDFs, along with a link to the same PDF (either DTRPG or Itch.io for now)


Foundry Project

I have got a, very basic I admit (not putting self down, being realistic) template sorted for my FoundryVTT modules. I think I am ready to start selling them or putting them up for patreon. Once this final stage like price etc is decided on, it is GO TIME!


Stress/Mental Health

I know all this, espically regarding the book, could and will put a strain on my mental health and I am being a good boi and looking after self, keeping hydrated etc.  My worst enemy is my own brain in this regards.  But..wel..we’ll see how things go! Just a heads up if i dont post anything for a day or so (non-weekend), i’m taking a mental-health day so I dont makes worse. Hopefully wont, but having that there as option or possibility does help somewhat.

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