Content Pack 100 x d100 tables

Content Pack 100 x d100 tables

100 tables of pre-rolled semi-randomised content

Storytellers, creators of worlds, players. We all have those moments whilst we play or are writing a story when our imagination fails us, when we are caught off guard and need to think of something on the spot. It might be the name of our character’s hometown, or a name for a famous battle in which the last big evil was defeated.

Over the last decade or so I have been making PDFs and generators to help with those sorts of moments. From the naming of planets to insults that could make the Bard of Avon himself proud!

But not everyone needs long multiple linked tables, sometimes you know what you need and just have a desire for something to fire off that spark of imagination. It could be in the middle of a session or a long train of thought you don’t want to lose.

That is where this publication comes in!

Each table has 100 pre-made entries covering a variety of topics and genres, from fantasy to sci-fi, to western to horror.

This is the first in hopefully many volumes of content made from my generators that hopefully sparks your imagination and fills in any gaps you might have, helping your sessions and story writing go that little bit faster.


Featuring 100 d100 tables covering topics for names and concepts such as…

  • Afterlife names
  • Bow names/quick descriptions
  • Corporation slogans
  • Cult Titles
  • Demonic True names
  • Fake dinosaur names with translation/meaning
  • Insults done in both a dwarven and Shakespearean style
  • MagicTech concepts
  • Pirate names and names for their ships
  • Political Ideology
  • Star System/Planet names
  • Taven names
  • Trap concepts
  • Wild West names & nicknames

and many, many more!






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