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This week’s World Anvil post continues the theme of Knightly or Chivalric order with a quick look at what makes an Order and some examples of them.

Chivalric Orders of Easthalen

You don’t see many of them types about…the “Knights” I mean. Seem to be a dying breed. Don’t have anything against them personally, but just the other day I saw a fella with a wing and some re-haird warlock looking type take down a dragon! Not much use for those chivalrous types these days when you got folk like those others about to handle things…

 Chivalrous Orders sometimes referred to as Knightly, or Knight Orders, are uncommon in the world of Easthalen, but not unheard of. When you have those who can channel the power of gods and bend supernatural forces to their will, orders who work for a commoner or strive to uphold noble ideals seem almost worthless. That is not to say they are not needed, as there will always be those who need help, who don’t have the funds to hire these so-called “adventurer” types or simply don’t trust them, or a noble house wishes to do some good. The reasons are many. Some areas have many, like the Elf-Dwarf Alliance, others like Corlak, land of the sentient items don’t have or need any at all. Whilst each group puts their spin on things, they generally have the same basic format: 

  • A coat of arms or symbol and colours for their members
  • Recruit from a certain group of people only – This can be a broad scope such as “Those with a noble soul” to something specific like “Children of a certain set of bloodlines”
  • Have a set of values and ideals they expect their members to uphold and live by
  • Typically use one weapon or one type of weapon as their primary – They can use others, but if a group is known for using a lance and someone keeps using say a crossbow when their code says otherwise, well, problems will occur.
  • Have a goal or mandate, such as “Protect the weak” or “Preserve Knowledge”.

 There is no formal set of rules to determine what is or is not a knightly order. Technically any group can do it but are often looked down on, ignored or mocked if they don’t at least even try to follow the above format. Over the years, many Orders have come and gone. Some changed their names, others achieved their goal and disbanded, some just…ended… as their rules were so strict that no one wanted to, or could, join. Some (in)famous Orders that existed over the years include:

  • The Circle Exponents – Believed to be one of the wealthiest Orders, also one of the most charitable, even though they are VERY tight-lipped about where they get their funds from, leading some to accuse them of being a front for criminal organisations.
  • The Redoubt of the Abyss – Disbanded after their leader turned out to be a child murderer.
  • The Infinite Deliverers – Have taken it on themselves to be a form of courier/postal service for those who cannot afford to use magic means for communication and transport. They don’t claim to be fast, but generally speaking their “estimates” for delivery times are pretty accurate, down to the hour.
  • The Quill Sentinels – Small group known for seeking out lost knowledge for Biblios.


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