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As this week’s theme is related to knights, it seems only fitting that the world-building prompts/questions have a focus on knightly or chivalric orders. According to Wikipedia  “An order of chivalryorder of knighthoodchivalric order, or equestrian order is an order of knights, typically founded during or inspired by the original Catholic military orders of the Crusades (c. 1099–1291) and paired with medieval concepts of ideals of chivalry.”

So, this week’s prompt is a bit more tightly focused on one aspect of the world. Although knightly orders tend to be found in fantasy/medieval based worlds and stories, there is nothing to stop a futuristic or near-modern setting from having a group like this, for multiple reasons. such as :

  • The group is old, VERY old.
  • A historical society trying to live up to the ideals of an age long gone.
  • A modern interpretation of the order

  1. What is the order’s name?
  2. When and where were they founded?
  3. Who founded them?
  4. What was their original purpose or role?
  5. What symbol or uniform do they have to identify themselves to others?
  6. What is their primary code/value?
  7. What happens to those who break the code?
  8. How are they funded?
  9. Where do recruits come from?
  10. What is their reputation/standing with other groups?

Bonus Question: What weapon or other pieces of equipment do they use regularly?


The ongoing & growing list of world-building prompts & questions can be found HERE.

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