Just the one generator this week, as I am trying to sort out a new format for the generator pages and it’s proving to be rather fiddly. This generator is about Goblin Gangs. As before, there is a sample output below. Click on the header to be taken to the generator page.

Goblin Gangs
Gang Details The goblins’ primary “business” involves… Holding up traders’ ships or wagons.
The goblin gang’s symbol is… A skull.
The goblins’ lair is located… High in the mountains.
The goblins’ lair is… A crude encampment.
The goblins are particularly fond of picking on… Castle or town guards.
The goblins’ are currently planning a raid on… A temple complex or shrine.
The goblins’ boss is… A brutal hobgoblin warpriest.
The goblins’ goals include… Revenge against a specific
The goblins typically fight with… Lots of smiles and jokes.
As enforcers or extra muscle, the goblins sometimes hire… Other goblin gangs.
As guardians or pets, the goblins sometimes keep… Giant bats.
Individual Goblins The goblin is particularly skilled at… Building traps.
The goblin wields… Arrows fletched with crow feathers.
The goblin wears… A shiny silver belt.
On the goblin’s face has… Burn scars.
The goblin has… A difficult time standing still.


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