English: The April 12 launch at Pad 39A of STS...
English: The April 12 launch at Pad 39A of STS-1, just seconds past 7 a.m., carries astronauts John Young and into an Earth orbital mission scheduled to last for 54 hours, ending with unpowered landing at Edwards Air Force Base in California. Türkçe: Columbia Uzay Mekiği’nin 12 Nisan 1981 günü 54 saat sürmesi tahmin edilen bir görev için içerisinde bulunan astronotlar (hallo) John Young ve Robert Crippen ile kalkış anı. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

International Space Authority
Around the world, various countries have an organisation that deals with travel into orbit and space. Approximately 30 years ago, it was decided that one organisation was needed to help prevent clashes and to oversee international co-operation. The International Space Authority, (ISA) acts as a version of the UN, in that whilst it cannot directly control its members, it does offer a structure and rules for those who wish to work in peace with each other. Over the last few years, more countries have joined have joined the organisation as those within it also offer their services for minimal costs to other within the group.

Officially, the ISA is a civilian organisation, but hey work regularly with the various militaries and some members of the various countries air forces sit on the management board, 1 from each country, making it more like a partnership between the two that works very well. Spy satellites and observation platforms are the only military systems allowed. No space weapons. For now, the military side of the ISA is happy to accept this arrangement as they gain access to various launch technology they would not otherwise have.

The ISA is generally regarded by the public as being value for money and is quite popular. They regularly run adventure days and space camps and other programmes to promote space exploration. They sponsor other civil projects around the world and have also got a space program going for a country that had on before, recently launching their first satellite.

Hooks & Rumours

  • Some are saying that the ISA was founded by the a religious cult within various governments to prepare the world for the “End Times”.
  • A few of the military council members are pushing for an orbital weapons platform to be developed. The rest are opposed, but pressure is growing.
  • There is a growing call from the public to return to space and begin travel to other planets. Some opponents are saying this is, in fact, a campaign led by the ISA to get more funding.
  • Despite the ISA popularity, there is a vocal minority who cannot see the point of the ISA and are getting loud about their protests. They have not been violent but very aggressive.
  • Covert spyig equipment was found in the offices of one fo the members of the council. So far no-one has been caught but more devices have been found.
  • There have been calls from other civilian space organisations to remove the military from the ISA council. Many on the board oppose this as it works well for both civilian and military, but those opposed are only focusing on the “possible military risks”

Inspired by: NASA

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