On occasion your players will need to visit a library to search for knowledge. Having a library description ready is quite handy.


The library seems as if it was spring cleaned yesterday and smells of fresh leather – the room, shelves and furniture are in immaculate condition and seems almost too clean. The room is rather large, 100 feet long by 160 feet wide but has a spacious lay-out with 10 shelves.

On examination of one of the shelves closer to you, you find that it contains about 40 Scrolls. The scrolls in this section of the shelf seem to cover Dwarvish armor making. It seems extremely technical only truly understandible by armorers that can read dwarvish and the scroll’s writings are faded.

On the opposite shelf you find a set of 6 dust covered tomes. Found under the Demonology section, its outer cover is made from leather and it seems to be in average condition. The parchment pages are unbound, but wrapped with a leather cord and on close examination the tome has the following protection. The tome is protected by 5 spells. When detect magic and identify spells are cast on the tome it will reveal that chill touch spells has been casted on it.. The book contains a host of spells relating to clerical spells regarding Summoning and includes Abjure (4th), Animal Summoning I (4th), Call Woodland Beings (4th), Animal Summonings II (5th), Dispel Evil (5th), Aerial Servant (6th), Animal Summoning III (6th), Animate Object (6th), Conjure Animals (6th), Wall of Thorns (6th), Weather Summoning (6th), Word of Recall (6th), Conjure Earth Elemental (7th), Creeping Doom (7th), Exaction (7th), Gate (7th) and Succor (7th)

Further on in the section you find 70 Scrolls. The scrolls in this section of the shelf seem to historical records and the scroll’s writings are faded.

In the corner of the library you find a lectern with this openend book on it:
Title: Life of Saint Ippaira
Description: The book is average in size, with covers of leather. The vellum pages are sewn into the spine.
Condition: Pretty good
Value: 550 gold crowns.

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