Anyone who has worked in the corporate world for long enough will know that there is a certain type of person who likes to be…creative…with their language. Rather than saying something simple, they seem to insist on coming up with a string of words that sounds like babble and nonsense to anyone listening, yet these types lap it up. What they actually mean is up for debate…

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D20, Babble
1 , Going forward we must boldy mesh compassionate policy
2 , Going forward we must majestically reconceptualize state of the art opportunities
3 , I think we should energistically predominate leading-edge nosql
4 , Our goal is to competently brand competent departments
5 , Our goal is to distinctively recaptiualize big-hearted bandwidth
6 , Our goal is to unilaterally develop focused growth strategies
7 , Our mission statement is to assertively pontificate cooperative expertise
8 , Our mission statement is to exceptionally aggregate professional employee
9 , Together we should affectionately pontificate 24/7 experiences
10 , Together we should inquisitively matrix vigilant support
11 , Together we should monotonectally maintain equity invested “outside the box” thinking
12 , Together we should progressively drive lucky reminder
13 , We insist that you should vivaciously expedite black-and-white scenarios
14 , We must rapidiously incubate cross functional methodologies
15 , We must unilaterally iterate diverse “outside the box” thinking
16 , We should appropriately pursue 24/7 distribution
17 , We should holisticly initiate cloud-based processes
18 , You must vivaciously network robust guarantee
19 , You should often extend cloud-based collaboration and idea-sharing
20 , You should seamlessly iterate intuitive fall


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