About this time of year, around a year ago, 4 idiots (one of which is myself) started to stream a game of Star Trek Adventures called “Damocles” – The adventures of a crew based in DS9 and re-exploring the Gamma Quadrant with the blessing of the Dominion. Since then there has been many events, loss of crew, and new technology encountered. So I thought today I’d give a brief recap of the major events and the current crew roster etc. (in no particular order)



The USS Damocles is a modified experimental upgrade to the Prometheus class. Designed as a test bed for combining technology and crew from many places, the shop and her crew are, well, there are many at Starfleet who wonder how they got the job but they have proven to be effective, if not a little eccentric at times.


Crew Roster


LT. Davrin Jaan (played by Ross – Twitter ) – A joined Trill with his eyes on the command chair. Has been given many opportunities to command the Damocles recently and all things considered, has done well

LT. Tolek (played by Hanno – Twitter ) – The ship’s resident Vulcan science officer. Effective at his job. Has great eyebrow control.

Lt. Tyraa Sh’Tisrar (played by Andreas – Twitter ) – Andorian Security officer with a creative mind for solving problems. Has a goal to get an emotional response out of Tolek..somehow…



Captain Ragar Pru, an unjoined trill with an unusual, yet effective style.

LT.Commander T’Sang – Another Vulcan, has known Captain Pru for years and is the calm in the storm. Keeps to herself and doesn’t interact with the crew much outside of her duties.

Lt. JG Ricky Tobias – Bajoran Helm Officer. Youngish and impatient, but enjoys a good party. Wants to go on an away team mission, but honestly, no-one can fly the Damocles like he can.

Archangel/Archie – An advanced A.I. considered to be and considered a sentient being. Works with Tolek a lot and has acquired a mobility device to help him move around the ship and DS9.

Kital – Dominion Liason, a mature Vorta working on behalf of the Dominion. Motherly towards the crew and the Jem’Hadar that accompany her.

First – The leader of the Jem’Hadar squad on the Damocles. Acts as ships security alongside Tyraa. Was promoted to this position and gained a new name after the death of the previous First.

Venak – Youm Romulan Engineer – Genius and combining and integrating technology, genetically modified her intellect is off the charts, whilst her social skills are severely lacking. Protective of the newly installed cloak.

Vesak – Older Brother of Veank. Her “Handler” and protector. Pompous and arrogant even for a Romulan. Has made no secret of the fact he has own agenda and wants to get Starfleet’s help in treating his younger sister.



Major Events

These are not in chronological order nor is it all of them, just the major events as they are remembered

  • The Dominion asking for help against a threat in their quadrant that is small yet overpowered and can beat them easily – a group that was discovered later to be called Bendrazzi, a word in dominion speak that originally means something disparaging and insulting but has now come to be feared
  • Encountering a planet of psionic sentient crystals
  • The destruction and replacement of Transporter Room 2 , which never fully worked properly ever again after an encounter with an Orb Fragment
  • Toleks’ pregnant mother being kidnapped as a Cardassian was hunting for something on Cardassia, she was later to give birth to a girl, making Tolek an Uncle
  • Finding a Tal Shiar vessel and on an investigation , getting high as a kite, leading to Davrin taking a selfie on the bridge of the ship whilst giggling like a child
  • The installation and testing of the Slipstream Drive, leading to a bet being made with Captain Dax and her crew of the Aventine (which the Damocles won) and the creation of a manuver known now to Starfleet as “Andorian Drift”
  • Encounter a Bendrazzi trap that wiped the crews’ memories, leading to the death of the original First
  • A side trek into the Mirror Universe where the crew of the ISS Khans Wrath were met, who bared an uncanny resemblance to the crew of the Damocles
  • A Q (remarkable handsome who looked similar to the GM for some reason…) turning up and playing a small game with Tyraa, which ended up with her kicking him in the balls, which was part of his plan in the first place for some reason…
  • Encountering a massive garden ship overseen by an advanced AI called Archangel who on finishing his mission joined the crew of the Damocles
  • A discovery that showed just who the leaders of the Bendrazzi really are and their goals for this universe
  • The two Romulans coming on board to install and operate a cloaking device, which whilst effectove was never designed for a ship like the Damocles and is hinted at that with the slipstream and other techology, odd interactions are a certain



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