This weeks d20 list covers disease names and is suitable for a fantasy or medieval type of game or story, although this could also be used in sci-fi or modern settings to create the use/popular name of a disease. Some of them give you a clue to the area of the body they affect or the overall final stage of the affliction.

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D20,Disease Name
1 , Agonising Cough
2 , Black Ear
3 , Broken Insanity
4 , Deadly Degeneration
5 , Dropsy Destruction
6 , Eternal Grip
7 , Fetid Rash
8 , Firery Belly
9 , Gnomish Eye
10 , Grand Mind
11 , Imperial Allergy
12 , Lord’s Terror
13 , Raging Back
14 , Raging Knee
15 , Ruinious Complaint
16 , Ruinious Destruction
17 , Summer Lips
18 , Warped Carbuncle
19 , Weeping Deterioation
20 , Weeping Grip


Based on details found in Quick Generator – Disease Names (Get the pdf HERE or HERE)

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