Three high key keys

To go along with the current PDF I’m working on and the last week list, this weeks list is about magical keys and the unique properties they have (apart from also being able to unlock a thing)

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D20,Magical Key
1 , Fire Key – Warm to the touch and radiates a faint glow.
2 , Key of Dreams – Induces vivid and prophetic dreams.
3 , Key of Fading – Gradually turns transparent after each use.
4 , Key of Fortune – Grants a random positive or negative effect.
5 , Key of Illusion – Creates illusions or disguises the holder.
6 , Key of Language – Grants the ability to understand any spoken language.
7 , Key of Levitation – Lifts the holder slightly off the ground.
8 , Key of Nature – Sprouts delicate flowers when touched to a lock.
9 , Key of Preservation – Prevents the decay of objects in contact.
10 , Key of Senses – Enhances the senses of the person holding it.
11 , Key of Silence – Suppresses all sounds within its vicinity.
12 , Key of Time – Temporarily slows down or speeds up time when used.
13 , Key of Translocation – Teleports the holder to a nearby location.
14 , Key of Whispers – Whispers secrets and forgotten knowledge.
15 , Luminous Key – Illuminates dark areas when inserted into locks.
16 , Phantom Key – Can pass through solid objects when used.
17 , Reflective Key – Shimmers like a mirror, reflecting images.
18 , Shadow Key – Casts a small shadow wherever it is held.
19 , Shapeshifting Key – Changes its form to fit any lock.
20 , Singing Key – Emits melodious tunes when turned.


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