A cartoon style modern looking detached houses, with a futuristic looking city in the background , along with a small plane flying overhead and a lawn in the foreground with caption/title "Quick Generator Residence type" over the top in white text

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Quick Generator Residence type

More than just a house…a home

Everyone needs somewhere safe they can call home. Somewhere where they can rest and recuperate. Some people want to customise their place, to make it their own, to have something more than just a “house”, for personal, cultural or any other valid reasons.

This PDF gives you two x d100 tables, which, when combined as per the instructions, can give you 10,000 overviews, descriptions, quick names, map labels, etc for types of residence.

Note – Some of these locations could be argued to be not typical residences, such as a church or gazebo, but have been included to show off unusual buildings and landmarks that have been converted into places where people live.

Example outputs include…

  • Astral Sanctuary
  • Creepy Folly
  • Gleaming Gazebo


Available now at…


The First Week Discount(FWD) for this PDF can be from the links below – expires 10th of July 2023


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