Historic Home Museum in Los Angeles - Preserved from being destroyed

This week’s world-building “10 Questions” is themed around residences and homes. Whilst this set of questions is not genre specific, the answer given would change quite dramatically depending on the theme and setting. After all, how a fantasy-themed, high-magic world would handle things would be vastly different to a cyberpunk-style dystopia.

  1. Are homes passed down through generations or sold regularly?
  2. Are there any unique rules or regulations governing residential construction?
  3. Do homes in this world reflect a specific cultural influence or heritage?
  4. How are homes protected against natural disasters?
  5. How are privacy and security maintained within residences?
  6. How are residences allocated or assigned to individuals?
  7. How are residences designed to adapt to changing climates or environments?
  8. What architectural style dominates the homes of various cultures?
  9. What common features or amenities are found in most homes?
  10. What is the average size of a typical home for a typical family?

Bonus question – What is the primary source of energy used in residences?


The on-going & growing list of world building prompts & questions

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