Since the Twitter tomfoolery occurred concerning the API and whatnot, I’ve been looking for a new home for the Content Bot (CB), which shows off examples of my generator content and so on. In a “why didn’t I think of it sooner” moment, but honestly with how things have been with me lately I can understand why, the CB now has at least one new home on the main/front page of this very site!

My very rusty HTML skills have come into use once more and now not only does clicking on the dice give you more samples, but each result now also has a clickable link ready to take you to a random online store that has the PDF for sale.

This means I can now once again start adding new content to the bot. The other gen pages will still be active, as this bot essentially “randomly” picks a gen I have active to show off!

I might remove some of the post links etc, to help keep the site at a decent speed etc.

Last two things.

1 – It does amuse me that now, after mydental  surgery, how easier it is to concentrate on things! Still tired as heck and the heat is not helping, but it IS easier!

2 – Watch party tonight with “THE PICK OF DESTINY” 6pm UK time, MobiusTempus twitch!




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