You’re exploring the dungeon/ruins/lair and find a key. Your diviner companion tells it’s used for “something”…but what is that thing it’s used for?

This d20 list gives you 20 such examples or ideas to start with – Got any ideas for uses of your own? Share them!


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D20,Key Use
1 , Accessing a hidden library or archive.
2 , Accessing a secret passage or tunnel.
3 , Activating a magical artefact or device.
4 , Activating a teleportation circle or rune.
5 , Breaking a curse or dispelling enchantments.
6 , Disabling a magical barrier or ward.
7 , Gaining entry to a forbidden or guarded area.
8 , Granting passage through a dimensional portal.
9 , Initiating a ritual or summoning circle.
10 , Initiating a trial or test of worthiness.
11 , Opening a gateway to a parallel plane or realm.
12 , Opening a hidden treasure chest.
13 , Opening a sacred shrine or temple entrance.
14 , Releasing a captured or imprisoned ally.
15 , Restoring power to a magical construct or golem.
16 , Starting a long-dormant ancient machinery.
17 , Unlocking a book of ancient knowledge or spell.
18 , Unlocking a mysterious door.
19 , Unlocking a sealed vault or strongbox.
20 , Unlocking the path to a legendary artefact or treasure.


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