Some very important news about some of my generators I need to pass along. This is regarding the “older” format ones.

I’ve recently been alerted to a major security flaw/issue in the plug-in I use for the random text generators and sadly, it seems, the plug-in is no longer supported. As such I’m having to remove and take offline some of the gens/pages and so on. This does give me the chance to update to the newer format, but, it will take time to replace them.

Luckily I have the data and information used to make them, but converting is not a quick process, especially as it’s a one-man (and his cat supervisor) operation.

I’m sad to see the older gens go and I know this will cost me visitors in the short term, but the flaw is quite a major one and if I didn’t address it I could lose everything here. The replacement ones will still be free to use with links to the PDF etc.

So if you see the 404 page when looking for gen, this is why.

Secondly, I’m in the process of looking for a new web host to speed things up and improve things in general. Not sure when this will happen, but it will be soon….ish… This will probably also include a new theme AND a new logo as well.

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