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Nothing major to worry about on this front, the planned PDF is still on schedule for the first Monday of September next week, 99% done, just a couple of tweaks here and there needed.

I am taking this week to work on some needed things, especially on DTRPG. They are updating things there and the category headers need updating as well. Plus, I can do more work on the so-called “side project” involving dungeondraft and tiles etc. Having settled on a format now to start with, that of 10×10 printer-friendly black and white tiles. Progress! This is part of the “Content Pack” series where I use my existing generators to make themed and/or semi-random pre-made things, from maps with lore, character backgrounds etc. Sadly due to the nature of it, I don’t have much time to work on it, but, for the moment, I do!

Hopefully, my health (mental and physical) will allow me to make some progress in this project, but, if not, I’ll finish it when I can!

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