language variety on cadbury's choc

This is a continuation of last week’s prompt list as there were many more ideas that could be used, and probably still even more that I have not listed here!

The topic of linguistics is a fascinating subject and well worth looking into to make your world feel alive, but be warned that it is fairly complex and might be beyond the scope of most worldbuilders. But, if you do delve into it, adds an incredible level of immersion.

As before these can apply to the world and all languages within, but a more believable (yet time-consuming) method would have each language made individually.

  1. How many letters/symbols exist for the language, inc numbers?
  2. For written languages, including numbers, how are they written/read? Left to right, right to left, top to bottom, in a clockwise circle, or some other pattern?
  3. What base counting system does the language use?
  4. How does the language deal with number grouping?
  5. Is the language spoken, written, gestures, or a combination?
  6. What punctuation, if any, is used and what are the rules for it?
  7. What are the rules on the capitalisation of things written within the language?
  8. Are there certain words/concepts that don’t exist in one language that do in others? If so, why?
  9. What words/phrases are taboo/forbidden and why?
  10. Is this language related to or derived from another one?

Bonus question :  What words or phrases has the language “borrowed” from another?


The ongoing & growing list of world-building prompts & questions can be found HERE.

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