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It’s the time of the year again when DTRPG has their “Christmas In July” sale and Ennead Games is taking part as always. The sale ends 12 days from when this post is made (So approximately August the 1st)

The main listing/page can be found HERE, with almost every title having some discount but some highlights include….


Other Semi-important News

The last couple of days in the UK, especially in London where I live have hit record high temps, of 40c/104f. Ever since I was a baby, being born in late April 1976, I have had issues regulating my body temperature, probably because of the heatwave we had then (even though the one we are in now is objectively worse). Today we have lower temps, but a humidity of 72%. No, I am not kidding. This is basically rendering me almost non-functional except for a few hours in the morning, but today with the high humidity, even that is a struggle.


As such streams and PDFs are being delayed as I simply cannot do more than the basics of keeping myself and Chloe T Cat cooled down. I doubt there will be a watch party tonight but if things have calmed down enough on Thursday, then a temporary switch to the eve online new character/new player stream will happen then instead of ff14. Fingers crossed.


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