Quick Generator Deific Weapons

Quick Generator Deific Weapons

Bring forth the holy weapon!

Deific weapons are a more specialised version of “regular” Deific Technology. They typically have one of two roles, the first being ceremonial, used in blessings or symbolic acts.

The second is more like the weapon’s purpose in the first, to harm another.

But with Deific Weapons often have some holy properties that make them suitable to be used on behalf of the gods.

A Deific Weapon can be something that inspires hope, to defend the divine, or in some cases, strike down a deity themselves…

This PDF gives you 2 x d100 tables, which, when combined as per the instructions can give you 10,000 combinations of concepts for weapons inspired by or for the divine!

Example output includes

  • Exodus Boomerang
  • Soul Beam
  • Savior Grenade
  • Armageddon Spear


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