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I’ve been trying to come up with an idea for a new perk for Patreons ( 

At the moment it’s not a lot, basically a tip jar-like thing that gives you a discount each month and the occasional previews. 

One of the ideas I’ve been looking into is Patreon exclusive/first access, to certain online generators. 

Whilst there are word-press-based plugins out that can serve this purpose, they are either cheap/free + not very good OR have a ton of extra features I don’t need and cost a lot.


So, for now, I’m putting my gens on – here’s a sample of what it would look like.


Now this DOESN’T mean I won’t be hosting them here any longer, far from it.


The plan is as follows :

  1. Make a PDF gen
  2. Convert it to html/web-type format
  3. Host it on where patrons get early access, or possibly in some cases exclusive access – this can show off the gens along with the PDF it comes from, if the site is offline because of updates or maintance etc then there are other places they can be used.
  4. After a period of time will then be moved to the website for free to use for the general public. This is one aspect I need to decide on, but will probably be at least a month or two.


Doing it this ways helps to reduce the load and prevent an “all my eggs in one basket” situation. IF i can find a word-press plugin that suits my need more then i will use that, but, for now at least, this seems to be the most appriate thing.


Whilst i’m having to put my PDF prices up, I hope to keep the online gens free to use as long as possible, whilst also rewarding my patrons .



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