Adventure Plot Outline Maker Volume #2 - Festivities

Adventure Plot Outline Maker Volume #2 – Festivities

It’s party time…what could go wrong?!

Festivities, parties, and galas are just some of the names for a gathering of a, normally, joyous nature.

They can be times that people remember when things just mesh together well, the food is spot on, the dancing competition was hilarious and the decorations amazing…but…sometimes…things go wrong…very wrong…

This PDF is part of the Adventure Plot Outline Maker series, designed to help you with details for certain type particular types of plots, situations, events, encounters and so on. In this case, galas, parties and other celebrations or festivities or get-togethers.

Featuring tables that cover…

  • Activities
  • Decorations
  • Dress
  • Food/Drink
  • Gift
  • Guests
  • Location
  • Music Style
  • Reason
  • Occurance – Good/Positive
  • Occurance – Bad/Negative
  • Superstitions/Traditions
  • Type/Style


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