"Amusing" Names

“Amusing” Names

400 “amusing” and punny names for your characters.

Anyone who has created a character for a game or story has (or will), at some point, written down a name and then only after it’s said aloud noticed that it sounded amusing or punny. They look like regular, typical names at first glance, but the moment the name is spoken aloud you realise that your main antagonist has a name that sounds like something….lewd….or worse…

Of course, there are times when you WANT this to happen. Either your game/story is light-hearted and jovial, full of puns and jokes, or you want to throw people off guard, having the party laugh at the villains’ name before they are crushed!

If you fall into the second group – This PDF is for you. 400 names that are amusing, “amusing”, punny, funny or downright groan-worthy. Grouped into femme and masc names for convenience, with nothing stopping you from swapping them around and using on whatever character you wish.

And if your players/readers groan when saying the names aloud, well…job well done!

Example names include…

Femme Names Examples

  • Ann Chovie
  • Claire Voyant
  • Doris Shutt


Masc Name Examples

  • Barry Cade
  • Earl Lee Riser
  • Hugo Furst


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