Creature Description Generator Volume 12 - Skeletons

Creature Description Generator Volume 12 – Skeletons

What they are lies within all of us…


A skeleton is defined by some as an internal structure, that protects and supports the body’s organs, a framework to which the creatures attaches in some form the rest of its body. It is often one of the last things to decay once the creature to who it once belonged passes on.

In a world with magic and necromancy, these remains can be a useful tool, disposable minions, cannon fodder or something to experiment with.

The CDG gives you a series of tables to help expand on your descriptions of various creatures, to help spark your imagination and give variety to the inhabitants of the stories and worlds.

Note: Whilst there are different types of skeletons, such as endoskeletons, this pdf refers mostly to the type that is found in humanoids and so on.

Inside you’ll find tables to help with…

  • Awareness
  • Condition
  • Origin
  • Original Form
  • Potency
  • Profession
  • Quirk/Feature
  • Size
  • Speed


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