Cybernetics Overview cover

Cybernetics Overview

What cyberntic implant will you get today?


Cybernetics, with regards to many works of science fiction, is “the science of communications and automatic control systems in both machines and living things.” This, in simple terms, is the integration of artificial systems into a living body.

For most people, this is something that helps replace a damaged organ, or supplements a weaker body part that requires it, sometimes in an improved fashion compared to the original system. Others though, with intentions that range from noble to malicious, decide to take things further, to improve, to go beyond what nature gave them and become a true cyborg or something more machine than organic being…

Also contains the 2 x d100 tables from the “Quick Generator – Cybernetic & Implant Names” PDF by Ennead Games – Think of this as taking that and expanding on it.

Important Note – If you are looking for exact details on the individual cybernetic or bionic implants, this PDF is NOT for you. This gives you an overview of the legality, complexity and so on, with some example implants and cybernetic names to get you started.


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