Deities and Pantheons – Names and Domains

Deities and Pantheons was a PDF produced by Ennead Games in 2017. It covered a basic system for creating deities and a pantheon for your fantasy-themed games. This takes the domain list and expands on it.

This supplemental PDF can be used on its own, or, alongside “Deities and Pantheons”. It provides you with 200 gender-neutral names for your deities, along with 400 domains, some general, some similar to each other but subtly different and some very abstract.

Inside you will find…

  • 2 x d100 tables for simple names
  • 4 x d100 tables for domain names


Example deity names

  • Agarus
  • Brudione
  • Cumarus


Example domain names

  • Destruction
  • Entropy
  • Fertlity


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