Helpful List Arbitrary Collection Expanded #5

Helpful List Arbitrary Collection Expanded #5

Another set of 10 more d100 lists created from Ennead Games content

The Helpful List Arbitrary Collection is a set of lists with 20 entries per subject matter. The Helpful List Arbitrary Collection Expanded (aka HLACE) series takes that concept and cranks it up a notch by making the lists have 100 entries/names/concepts/etc each. Each collection is a mixture of genres and themes.

Much of the content has been created using previous generators that Ennead Games has published, an example of that being the “Ritual Names” table. Think of this set as a collection of the results these generators can make, done so you can save time and just get the results, rather than spending time rolling on each of the tables.

As the content here is semi-randomly generated for a mixture of topics and genres, some entries may be more suitable for your games or stories when compared to others.

The 10 d100 lists within this volume feature content covering…

  1. Alignment/Personality expands the classic good vs evil into something more detailed and varied. This can be thought of as as how the person typically acts, but not how they are 100% of the time.
  2. Artefact Name gives you options for names, translated to the common language, of items that are of great power or are (in)famous for something.
  3. Futuristic Cryptozoology suggest some names for creatures that a combination of the futuristic/sci-fi and the fantasy genre.
  4. Holy Book Name lists 100 possible name for holy books for the various religions in your game or stories.
  5. Instrument Descriptions gives you a simple two-word description of types of musical instruments.
  6. Ritual Names offers up 100 names for rituals used by cults or similar groups for their often nefarious purposes.
  7. Sci-Fi Objects presents 100 names for objects you might find in a sci-fi or modern-adjacent setting.
  8. Settlement Names adds to the list from a previous HLACE and gives you even more names for a settlement, based of English towns and villages.
  9. Space Vehicle Concept gives you 100 quick two-word concepts for space based vehicles.
  10. Space/Sci-Fi Encounter Concepts , like the other concept lists, gives you 100 quick suggestions or ideas, for things that you might encounter or witness when travelling in space.


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