Corporation Overview Maker

Many times when making a PDf generator, I have to restrain myself and leave stuff out otherwise nothing would get finished – Corporation Overview Maker is one of them. I had a great amount of fun making this and the related PDFs, such as corporate babble, were described as “…a little bit too accurate at times”, which made me giggle in a “My work here is done!” kind of way!

Inspired by games of dystopian cyber-like futures (or near futures in some cases), this is definitely on the “Will be updated with more content in a future version” list, along with an all in one compilation.

Original Date of publication: 10/07/2021

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Corporation Overview Maker

Create an overview of your corporate overlords

A corporation is defined as “a large company or group of companies authorized to act as a single entity and recognised as such in law.” But in games and stories, they are often more than that. They can be giant overruling entities who have their metaphorical fingers in every pie, controlling every aspect of everyday life, from politics to communications to even the local government and military!

This is especially true in certain genres of science fiction, like cyberpunk, where they make excellent “villains” and antagonists against which the characters of the story are, in their way, fighting against. And this PDF can help to give you an outline on them, something to build on and add your individual details too.

Inside you will tables that help you determine…

  • Asset of Note
  • Colour Scheme
  • Founded By
  • Events
  • Portfolio – General
  • Known For
  • Rumours
  • Time Period (used alongside other tables)
  • Current Operations
  • Locations
  • Portfolio – Expanded
  • Example Names and Slogan
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