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This Monday I brought out a PDF related to heists, so the theme for other posts this week is Crimes and related things. 

Genre & Setting suitability: Any genre or setting, but with a slight emphasis on heists or other stealing-based crimes.

  1. Who were the masterminds behind the most (in)famous heist and what did they steal?
  2. What are the main activities of a notorious criminal organisation?
  3. What are the details of the most famous unsolved murder case?
  4. What is the most sold illegal item and how/where do people get hold of it?
  5. Are there any vigilantes or famous criminal hunters?
  6. What are the details of any law enforcement agency that exists to handle crimes?
  7. Which location has the highest crime rate and why is it high there?
  8. What is a unique or unusual punishment for crimes?
  9. Who is the most infamous uncaught serial killer and what is their modus operandi?
  10. Is there a world-famous courthouse or place of justice and what famous crimes has it handled?

Bonus question – What single/unique item is the most stolen and why does everyone want it?


The ongoing & growing list of world-building prompts & questions

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