Creature Description Generator Volume 1 - Zombies

With CDG Volume 15 – Familiars out last week, it seemed appropriate to revisit and highlight the one that started the series off…”Creature Description Generator Volume 1 – Zombies.” Whilst the format has changed slightly over the years, the basic concepts within, including the Quirk/Features, have, mostly, stayed the same. To the point where , hopefully soon, I’ll be using the same basic format for other subjects matters such as :

  • Professions (I.e. Job/Classes etc)
  • Terrain, regular and Weird/wonderful
  • Features, both urban and natural

Originally published in October 2015, CDG1-Zombies has gone on to achieve a respectable Silver rating on DTRPG, putting it in the top 17813 products (14.49%)


Creature Description Generator Volume 1 – Zombies

Not all zombies are the same!


When you think of a zombie, most have a pretty clear idea of what they look like. But what IS that mental image? Are all zombies the same?

After all, they were once people when they was alive and people come in various shapes and species so why not the zombie as well?

The CDG range is designed with a fantasy setting in mind, but can easily be used for sci-fi or modern/horror settings.

This CDG gives you ideas for

  • Apparent Previous Life – What was the zombie before they go turned?
  • Clothing – Is it smart and clean or ripped and covered in dirt?
  • Disfigurements & Wounds – What wound does the zombie have
  • Head – What is the state of their eyes, nose, mouth or even their ears?
  • Limbs – Are their legs intact or broken? What about their arms?
  • Movement – Do they shuffle or leap after you?
  • Size & Weight – Are they larger or smaller than the typical zombie?
  • Skin condition – Just how rotten is their flesh?
  • Sounds & Smell – Are the silent stalkers or screamers?
  • Quirks & Features – Whats makes certain indvidual zombies stand out?


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