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This week I brought out a PDF relatworld-buildings, the summoned beings sometimes fey, infernal etc that help or keep an eye on those that summoned them. Originally this week’s world-building prompts/questions were going to be about familiars, but I could see right away how it could be expanded and tweaked into something suitable for more genres by making it about the supernatural instead.

  1. What are those who practice the supernatural arts called?
  2. What does the general public know about the supernatural?
  3. What is the most (in)famous tale, legend etc. connected to the supernatural?
  4. Is there a specific location associated with the supernatural in the same way that afterlives are associated with the divine etc?
  5. Are there locations known for where supernatural forces congregate and if so why there?
  6. Is there a “good” and “evil” side or is it dependent on how it is used?
  7. What, if any, ruling structure does the supernatural world have?
  8. Is there a group or organisation that keeps watch on, records, etc supernatural forces?
  9. What is the response when a supernatural entity runs amok?
  10. Are supernatural entities all the same type of being (in various forms) or are there variations and differences like in the mortal realm?

Bonus Question – Who is the most (in)famous supernatural entity known and why are they famous?


The ongoing & growing list of world building prompts & questions can be found HERE.

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