Creature Description Generator Volume #15 - Familiars

Creature Description Generator Volume #15 – Familiars

Not just for witches!

Familiars, sometimes known as “familiar spirits”, are supernatural entities that would assist witches and other so-called “wise ones” in the use and practice of magic or supernatural forces.

In fictional tales and games of various genres, they can serve many purposes. Sometimes viewed as servants, messengers, companions or even observers sent by a more powerful being to keep a metaphorical eye on the one they are assigned to.

They can come in many forms, with some more common than others. Often resembling a small creature of some kind, they are as varied as their summoner, with numerous personality traits, granted benefits, quirks and more.

This publication gives you a system for determining a baseline or overview of the details for a familiar, something to start with, or even to help fill in the gaps for an existing familiar you have details for.

Featuring tables that cover…

  • Accessory
  • Base Creature (Both a quick d20 table and a d100 version)
  • Benefit to summoner
  • Colouration
  • Communication
  • Loyalty
  • Material
  • Penalty to summoner
  • Quirk/Feature
  • Size
  • Typical Mood


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