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With this week’s PDF being sports-related it set the theme of the week to sport! Sports often have a long history in many cultures, some dating back to the founding of the nation or even before!

As before, whilst the questions/prompts that are listed below ask about sports found in the world, “the world” can refer to a small country, empire, star system or more.


  1. What sport has the most players?
  2. What sport has the most fans/supporters?
  3. What is the oldest sport?
  4. Are there any sports banned and if so why?
  5. Is there a sport played only by a certain group/subculture?
  6. What type of regular tournaments are held and how often?
  7. For the various sports, what is the name/details of the ruling body?
  8. Who is the most (in)famous player for a particular sport and why?
  9. What sport is considered to be the most complicated or has the most rules?
  10. How are people who play a named sport viewed?

Bonus question : Are there sports in which “enhancements” are allowed or even encouraged, even if unoffically?


The ongoing & growing list of world-building prompts & questions can be found HERE.

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