Cult Details Generator

Although this PDF came out over 5 years ago, it still generates (heh) a fair amount of interest and one I really enjoyed making it. Its definatly high on the “When i want to make updates and expansions to exisiting PDFs” list.

Orginally publihed on DTRPG June 1st, 2015, it has gone to acheive a Gold Metal rating, which puts it in the top 4058 products (3.69%), with an average rating of 4.5/5 stars.


Cult Details Generator

Cults are present in many stories and games.
They serve as a good villain and foil for the heroes to fight against and prevent them from performing their sometimes unholy tasks.

Sometimes though, you get stuck for ideas or you need to come up with some basic details about this cult quickly.

If you need a name for the cult or titles for those who are a part of it, then look for “Cult Names & Title Generator”, also by Ennead Games

This genrator helps provide suggestions and ideas for:

  • Age
  • Founder(s)
  • Funding
  • Goal
  • Historical Events
  • Initiation Ceremony
  • Know Allies/Enemies
  • Leader
  • Location
  • Members
  • Practices – Customs
  • Practices – Restrictions
  • Practices – Rites & Rituals
  • Practices – Sacrifices
  • Secrecy Level
  • Symbol
  • Time period
  • Tools & Artifacts – Artifacts
  • Tools & Artifacts – Tools/Items
  • Tools & Artifacts – Weapons


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