Dungeon Maker

Dungeon Maker is a remake/update of one of my first ever PDFs and items I ever made for publication, namely “Lexicon of Dungeons”. In many ways, it is a product that laid the foundations for others, such as the Dungeon Feature series and more.

There are definalty things I would change with this, but that’s the life of a publisher – You can be 100% happy with a thing, then many years later look at it with fresh eyes and think “Nah..I should have done (x) instead of (y)” and sometimes you have to accept that sometimes you have to say “that’s enough for now!”

At some point, I plan to bring out Dungeon Maker 2, but it’s not a high priority. In the meantime there are plenty of others in the Dungeon Feature to work though, plus Wilderness and Features, Terrain Features and many more!

Original Date of publication: 30th April 2018

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Dungeon Maker

For many people, the word “Dungeon” conjures up dark stone corridors filled with creatures out to stop you. After a while they may seem to be the same, all looking alike and feeling, well, boring.

What you need is some variety in your dungeons!

Dungeon maker is a series of tables designed to help you in designing and fleshing out your dungeons or places for the party to explore. Building on some existing publications from Ennead Games and combing and adding to the information they hold.

Existing supplements, such as the “Dungeon Feature” series, also from Ennead Games will expand on certain details even further if required, such as altars. Think of this publication as a base product from which other optional items can be added to.

Inside this publication, you will find tables to help you with…

• Defaults to make your planning and mapping easier for you and your players
• Basic information on the dungeon, from its name, location, purpose and more
• The ambience – How hot is the dungeon? Is it very humid? What about sounds or smells?
• Tables to help you plan out the corridors including what is at the end of the section of the corridor – is it another corridor section, a junction or a room?
• Doors – What do they look like, what are they made from, what type of lock keeps them secure?
• Entrance – What is the main entryway into the dungeon like?
• Inhabitants – Who, or What lives here?
• What are the rooms like?
• How do you get from one floor to another?

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