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This weeks hilight from the archives of older PDF’s which I have made over the, must be close to a decade now, is one of my older ones. Orginally published in 2013 and has reached a Silver rating on DrivethruRPG, Mystical Drink Name Generator, was one that I orginally made to cover potion names but then figured out quite quickly, that this could apply to well any drink with a magical or mystical property when drunk, such as tea’s or beers etc.



Mystical Drink Name Generator


Potions. Brews. Tea. Beer. Some of the many words used to describe a liquid you take to get some kind of effect, normally a beneficial one, even it’s just to quench your thirst.

This generator is designed to provide you the starting blocks for your potion names, with prefixes and target and effects, such as “Blessed Tea of Animal Control”

Need more details? The charts in “Potion Details Generator” are an excellent companion to this product

Example generated names include:

  • Absinthe of Restoration
  • Beverage of Subterranean Hiding
  • Spicy serum of Aquatic Movement
  • Yellow concoction of Violent Improvement


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