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Getting back into the swing of things this week after a much needed mental health break with Motto Maker.

One thing that the observant among you may notice is that there is no mention of “blood” in the content listings. This was a deliberate design decision as there are quite a few, let’s say historically problematic groups, that have used the word “Blood” in their motto. I am not saying you can’t use it for your mottos, just why I ultimately decided not to put it in.

Empire Builder – Motto Maker

What are the words that represent your family or group?


A motto is, according to some sources “…a short sentence or phrase chosen as encapsulating the beliefs or ideals of an individual, family, or institution…”.

These words can be found on crests, currency, legal documents and anywhere else appropriate.

They can range from the simple and open, a couple of words that perfectly tell the reader that this group is all about love and life, to the more complex and deep, words that at first glance don’t make sense, but when you understand them, you gain an insight into the WHY this family has them.

Although designed as part of the “Empire Builder” range of PDFs, this can be used for any appropriate topic where you need a motto or the at least the inspiration for one.


  • 1 x d100 table for the format of the motto
  • 2 x d100 tables for content
  • 1 x d50 table of pre-made examples such as…
    • Balance Above All
    • From The People, Comes Trust
    • Our Strength Comes From Discipline


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