Quick Generator Battle/War Name

Quick Generator Battle/War Name

What will history record this combat as?

The Quick Generator series by Ennead Games is a collection of tables with one simple theme – you don’t have to make a lot of rolls to use them. They have 2 x d100 tables and can give you a lot of possible results. Sometimes though, in the making of them, a lot of entries are not included to keep within that concept. Some even have quite a few more possible entries.

This Quick Gen covers names of combats, battles or wars. Specifically, what they are named or referred to in history books and records. It may refer to those involved, or be a reminder of what caused it in the first place, or even a descriptor of the combat in general.

Example outputs include :

  • Dragon Incursion
  • Seige of Truth
  • Storm of Vengence


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