Quick Generator Christmas Elf Namer

Quick Generator Christmas Elf Namer

Be afraid, for they are watching you…


The Red Jolly One, He-who-knows-if-you-are-naughty-or-nice. This entity goes by many names. In some worlds they are benevolent, others, not so much. They come in many forms. But there is one thing that is the same across the multiverse. Their servants. The Elfs. They look sweet and innocent and many a parent has mistaken their doll-like features for a toy, and bring them home, where they sit, often on a shelf, staring…watching…..waiting…

Please note: As Christmas Elfs are abominations to be feared by all, they are beyond the mortal concepts of gender and thus these names are suitable for feminine, masculine or non-binary entities.

This PDF gives you 2 x d100 tables to make a name for a Christmas Elf, which when combined as per the instructions (using one table twice) can give 1,000,000 possible variations.

Example possible cursed names include…
Juniper Fluffystar
Sparkle Fruityplum
Bubbles Candyspin
Peppermint Mittensledge
Fizzy Wigglechortle


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