A mist/fog scene, with a shadowy human, possible male, staring at what looks a giant grey/roswell alein in the fog, who is waving with caption "Quick Generator Sentient Creature Overview"

Quick Generator Sentient Creature Overview

Quickly describe a sentient alien, mutant or variant!

Sometimes those who catalogue, group or otherwise summerise groups need a quick easy way to do so. Things like “tall” or “serpentine” for a physical trait and “Ruthless” or “Pensive” for a mental trait/personality.

Of course, within a culture or species, there are always many individuals, but then sometimes, when referring to the group as a whole, an easy yet undetailed generalisation to describe them is required, such as, for example, “four armed and telepathic” or “Skeletal looking and pious.”

This PDF gives you two x d100 tables, which, when combined as per the instructions, can give you 10,000 combinations of quick descriptions for alien or weird beings, including sentients and uplifted animals, for both their physical nature and personality or behaviour patterns.

Example outputs include…

  • Crystalline & Mischievous
  • Neon-coloured & Egocentric
  • Silicon-based & Altruistic


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