Discount Sale Badge Tag Price  - Victoria_Borodinova / Pixabay

A couple of days ago, the 28th of April to be precise, was my birthday. I was planning on having this sale then but real life got in the way, so instead doing it for the first two weeks of May. Plus, bonus, it gives me more time to work on the “Wizards Tower” (work in progress title) generator.

Almost all titles will be included in this, except for the last couple of items, namely the “Conspiracy Generator” and “Quick Generator Sci-Magic Classes”.

This will last two weeks, then normal service will resume.

Everything in the sale will be 50% off. I was going to make it 47% off to reflect my 47th birthday but that proved too fiddly.

The sale *might* not be active or visible right now on DTRPG, if its not check back tomorrow or go to : –

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