My Wizard Tower

An upcoming PDF I’m making covers the physical details of Wizard/Spellcaster towers or abodes. So it got me thinking about some of the more well known or infamous ones that might be found in Easthalen. Feel free to use these in your own worlds or games!


“The tower stood there, alone in the forest grove, sourandrned by dead trees and flora. Nothing would approach it willingly as it seemed to draw the very life from the world around it…which was nonsense of course…but by simply seeing it make your skin crawl and feel like a thousand tiny needles were jabbing at you…” 

Some of the more famous, or maybe infamous, towers that might be found in Easthalen are listed below. The true name of the towers is only really known by the occupants, the name below is how the locals and others refer to them. They, like the occupants, come in a wide variety, some practical, but each unique in their own beautiful and sometimes terrifying ways. 

  • The Tower of Shadows – This ominous structure is said to be home to a group of powerful necromancers. The tower is made of black stone and is surrounded by a moat of murky water.
  • The Ivory Tower – The tower is made of gleaming white marble and is surrounded by a beautiful garden filled with exotic plants and flowers of many types. It is said that the one who lives in this tower has the power to control the weather itself, luckily only within a small area around the tower.
  • The Tower of the Elements – This tower is said to be the home of a group of mages who specialize in manipulating the elements. The tower is made of some type of unknown stone and is covered in intricate carvings that depict the elements of this world in a stylised form. Local legends say that those who live within this tower can summon powerful storms, earthquakes, and even volcanoes.
  • The Tower of the Mind – This tower is believed by many to be the home of a group of mages who specialize in the manipulation and control of the mind itself. The tower is made of a strange, weird shimmering material that seems to shift and change subtly when viewed from different angles. Rumours abound that these mages act like one person
  • The Tower of Illusions – This tower is thought by locals to be the home of a group of mages who specialize in creating illusions. The tower is made of a crystal-clear material that seems to reflect and refract light in strange and unpredictable ways. Many have said that the illusions are so convincing that even the most discerning eye cannot tell them apart from reality.


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