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Technomancy is the term I’m using to describe the combining of tech and magic. Granted maybe incorrectly but I have not found one that suits me better. This is one of those subjects that has always fascinated me, especially in media. There is of course the famous saying about “advanced tech being indistriquisable from magic” to factor in as well, but sometimes, depending on the world are two sperate forces (for want of a better term).


  1. How does the existence of magic affect the development and use of technology?
  2. Are there any limitations or rules that govern the use of magic and technology together?
  3. How do different cultures in your world approach the combination of magic and technology?
  4. Are there any conflicts or tensions that arise from the blending of magic and technology?
  5. How do individuals who specialize in magic and those who specialize in technology interact with one another? 
  6. Are there any specific applications of magic and technology that are unique to your world?
  7. How does the presence of magic affect the ethics and morality of technological development? 
  8. Are there any dangerous or unforeseen consequences of combining magic and technology?
  9. How do different forms of magic interact with technology?
  10. How has the combination of magic and technology impacted the economy of your world? 

Bonus Question: How do governments and other organizations regulate the use of magic and technology? 



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