Resource Pack Volume 1 – Science Fiction

Its game night and you realise you have not prepared much. Maybe the regular GM was ill, and you have taken over for them or other real-life events have prevented your normal preparations. Your players find something and ask you about it…Then you realise…You don’t know what to do, and your normally awesome imagination fails you.

The Resource Pack series is designed for just the moments. A series of handy tables that cover some of the prompts and aspects you might need when telling a story or playing a game. Some tables are more suitable for Gms and Storytellers, others more for the players and the rest are suitable for both equally. How you use these prompts and ideas are up to you.

Featuring 20 x d20 tables to help with the following:

  • Alien Artifact
  • Alien Appearance
  • Alien Trait
  • Apocalypse
  • Bio-Tech
  • City Feature
  • Contraband
  • Corporate Plots
  • Cyberpunk Vendors
  • Gear
  • Grenades
  • Jobs
  • Mutations & Powers
  • Orbiting Items
  • Planet Feature/Type
  • Planet Government
  • Power Source
  • Weapons- Melee
  • Weapons – Ranged
  • Vehicles & Transport


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